Compelling therapeutic success with cold air as low as -30°C

Broad spectrum of applications 

Cold air therapy is suitable for brief, fast and intensive cooling of the skin as well as for longer periods of moderate cooling in order to decrease the temperature in deeper layers of tissue.

Cold air therapy has been proven in:

  • Acute and chronic painful conditions of the musculoskeletal system:
    Rheumatic diseases, tendinopathies, acute inflammation, pain in the lower back
  • Procedure-related pain:
    Knee, hip, spinal and shoulder surgery
  • Periprocedural pain:
    In dermatology such as photodynamics and laser therapy, for chest drain removal, before/ during injections and aspirations
  • Spasticity and pain in connection with neurological disorders

Combinations with cold air therapy

Treatment support through combination with cold air

Cryotherapy can be combined with a variety of other treatments, for example, to improve movement therapy by prior application of cold air (15-20 min). Other combination possibilities include:

  • Combination with compression in cases of acute injuries
  • Treatment of muscular trigger points in combination with stretching

Sports medicine and traumatology

Many sports physiotherapists and sports medicine specialists use cold air preventively for prophylactic early-stage treatment immediately following major exertion during sports before symptoms occur, such as after a competitive event. 

The new Cryo 7 – Perfected from A to Z

In your practice – User-friendly, ecological & low-maintenance

Ease of use – Redesigned

The Cryo 7 is operated using a brilliant, high-resolution, 10-inch touch display. Individual programmes can be stored. All of the important operating elements are clearly arranged and easy to reach, thanks to the higher, ergonomic design. This allows successful operation from the very start.

The optional supporting arm facilitates hands-free operation, especially during long treatment periods. The air stream can be easily controlled by the user.

The practical glass shelf plate is ideally suited for use as a tray for additional devices.

Energy- and cost-efficient 

The operation of the new Cryo 7 does not result in any significant consumption costs. The amount of defrost water is monitored and the defrosting function ensures smooth operation. The air filter is readily accessible and can be easily replaced if soiled.

The new standby mode further improves the energy efficiency of the Cryo 7, which is designed for reliable all-day operation. 

Through the numerous technical innovations, the Cryo 7 is a significant comfort factor for patients and therapists.


Technical data

Medical device
Class IIa

Power supply
220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Max. power consumption during therapy
1200 VA


Treatment tube length
250 cm

Housing dimensions (LxWxH)
56 cm x 50 cm x 106 cm

60 kg (without accessories)

Therapy air flow

Intended use and indications may not be valid for the USA.

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