icelab – Tailor-made cold systems with up to -110 °C

Powered exclusively by electricity, icelabs are developed and built in Germany and meet the highest quality standards. Whether you are looking for a compact single-room system for a small wellness area or a multi-room system for a large health centre – the icelab product line offers the right solution. Tailor-made for your project and your requirements.

Whole-body cold application – healing and beneficial

As early as the mid-90s, the Zimmer MedizinSysteme team recognised the enormous potential of whole-body cold applications on health and well-being. – A real pioneering achievement! Today, the electrically operated icelabs of the renowned German medical products manufacturer can be found all over the world. In healthcare, in (professional) sports and increasingly also in the areas of wellness, spa or aesthetics.

Areas of application

When an extreme cold stimulus hits the skin surface, the blood vessels constrict (vasoconstriction). After the application of cold has ended, the blood vessels and capillaries dilate (vasodilation) and the skin and extremities are better supplied with blood. At the same time, the cells are enriched with more oxygen and enzymes. The enzymes released in this way have a pain-relieving effect throughout the body and create a feeling of euphoria.

Extreme cold activates the body’s own protective mechanisms and has been used in various areas for many years:

  • in health care facilities, e.g. in clinics or physiotherapy practices,
  • in top-class sports for regeneration and optimisation of performance and endurance, or as a fixed component in training plans
  • or in wellness areas as a “refreshing” attraction with a holistic effect on body and mind.

With icelab, you have the “coolest” place in town and reach a broad audience: people who appreciate the natural healing effects of the whole-body cold application as well as the more experience-oriented who love the endorphin kick. – This makes icelab a worthwhile investment in any case.

Economical and safe – electricity instead of liquid nitrogen

Cold cannot be produced but is generated by heat extraction. icelab systems function similarly to refrigerators and operate purely electrically. This has decisive advantages over nitrogen-operated systems:

  • No risk from liquid nitrogen
  • Systems can also be used in continuous operation
  • More flexibility in scheduling appointments
  • Higher customer frequency with lower operating costs at the same time

Uncompromising quality & advice

All icelab systems run on electricity, guaranteeing maximum safety and low operating costs. Advice and service are also first-class – Right from the first personal consultation, the focus is on your wishes and requirements – your personal product advisor is there for you. From the planning phase to commissioning and, of course, also after the purchase.

We look forward to your enquiry!