International Company Group

Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH is becoming increasingly international. In the corridors of the Neu-Ulm plant, more and more English is heard in addition to Swabian. The products have been sold globally through dealers for many years. Zimmer also has 5 foreign subsidiaries. The first overseas company was founded over 30 years ago in the United States in Irvine, California. Today, this company has over 10 employees and is involved mainly in the field of aesthetics. More Cryos are sold in the USA than everywhere else in the world combined. Zimmer France was founded in the early 1990s. This was initially an equity interest. Zimmer France has only been a 100 percent subsidiary of Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH since 2018. The company is based in the beautiful city of Lyon on the Rhone. With 10 employees, it sells mainly physiotherapy products via its distributors.

Sales and distribution for aesthetics have been built up over the past two years. 2018 was a very special year for Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH. Three foreign subsidiaries were founded in just one year. A team of seven is based in Shanghai, China. A distribution network is currently being established in China. A lot of time is also being devoted to product registration. Zimmer Benelux is based in the Belgian city of Herentals, near Antwerp. Three countries are covered by two very experienced employees. Here, too, sales are handled via distributors.

In Austria – as in Germany – there is a direct sales department. The six existing sales representatives are spread across the entire country. A foreign subsidiary in Switzerland was also acquired in the form of the company FREI. FREI SWISS is based on Lake Zurich and will soon begin selling Zimmer products in Switzerland.

It will be exciting to see how Zimmer’s international journey progresses.